Republicans are barely holding on to enough seats to prevent democrats from having a 60-vote supermajority in the Senate. Would it surprise you to learn that recently convicted felon Ted Stevens has not yet lost his re-election bid in Alaska, and that oh- turnout in Alaska was mysteriously down 11% this year vs. 2004 despite 30k new voters registered and record primary returns?

Strangely enough, Saxby Chambliss in Georgia, famous for airing photos of Osama Bin Laden in his ads attacking disabled war veteran Max Cleland in his 2002 Senate bid, is in line for a recount in a race where 11% of the votes seem to have just never been counted.

It's like they settled on 11% being the most believable margin. I don't think we've heard the last of these stories. Take them with a big grain of salt, but don't forget them.

You've Done Quite Enough Already

According to Newsweek:

Palin asked to speak along with McCain at his Arizona concession speech Tuesday night, but campaign strategist Steve Schmidt vetoed the request.

The whole article is really worth reading, lots of personality tidbits that were embargoed until after election day. The spending spree was much more extensive than we thought, and she imposed on staffers to use their personal credit cards to cover some of the charges. Plus Obama drops an F-bomb.


It looks like Al Franken lost his senate race by about 300 votes, out of about 3 million. or about 1/10,000th of the electorate. The state appears to have a recount rule that triggers at 1/2 pecent (or 1/200th, roughly 50 times greater than the tally difference!), and recounts have overturned results in the past, most recently I'm thinking of the Senate race in Washington in 2000. Of course there was another recount epic fail in that election year that I think everyone remembers.

Update: AP is saying the margin is about 800 votes, but that's still very much within the roughly 15,000 vote margin required to avoid an automatic recount.

No Time Left For October Surprises

Election's tomorrow and still no crazy stunts or revelations, like McCain wrestling Osama Bin Laden to the ground on the floor of the NYSE or something. Not much time to get word out, and something like 30 million have already voted.

Strangely, Sarah Palin still has not released her medical records. What the heck is in there that's so secret journalists can't even see it in a closed room the way other candidates have done? Most people have stopped wondering but I'll admit to being very curious. Really has nothing to do with the election, unless somehow *this* would be the thing to make you not trust her, and honestly, I don't think anyone's in that category.

Trick or Treat: Mandatory

I am handing out candy, and insisting that every kid old enough to do so say "trick or treat" before taking a piece of candy from the bowl. Some of them are just rushing up and trying to grab a piece without even making eye contact. My candy will not be won so easily, wee ghoulies!


I had a dream last night that there was this T Rex in this football field, and the game announcers in their booth were chuckling that the guy it was chasing, like a rodeo clown, kept frustrating it by disappearing behind various barriers after taunting it. The announcers said "well that's it- 2 hours in the ring with the T Rex! Come on out!" So the rodeo clown guy comes out from behind his barrier holding a big sign that says "2 Hours!" and the crowd goes wild, then the T Rex promptly eats him. Rampage ensues and from this point forward the dream resembles a farcical rendition of the movie Cloverfield. It's like it was a scary nightmare that my brain was trying to make funny, but it ended up being neither.

Political Climate

You know what I don't think I've heard anyone say this year? I haven't heard anyone talking about picking between the lesser of two evils in this election. I'm sure if I talked to more conservatives I'd hear it a little more often, but you've got to admit Obama is inspiring no matter who you are, kind of like Bill Clinton in 92, but without the spectre of Gennifer Flowers hanging over his head.

Who is Joe Plumber?

Lol- it turns out that he's neither Joe nor a plumber, nor even a taxpayer. His first name is Sam, middle name is Joe. He's not licensed as a plumber in Ohio. And he has liens against him for non-payment of the taxes he already owes; guess he's not as close to buying that 250k business as he thought. Also, if he's not going to pay his taxes anyway, who cares what the rate is?

I mean... wow. The Palin "vetting" process, such as it was (or wasn't, not to put too fine a point on it) was no fluke. What kind of trouble would McCain get us into as President if this is the sort of attention to detail he demands from his staff? I mean, this is beyond partisan schadenfreude at this point and into "srsly, wtf John?" territory.