bryguy (bryguypgh) wrote,

Battlestar Galactica: Spoiler-Heavy Complaints

The finale was fun to watch, but my inner logician is still shivering in a dark corner of my mind, refusing to come out and muttering something about "they earned it!"

Don't click if you don't want spoilers.

Kara just disappeared. Has there ever been a keener expression of authorial cowardice?

Toss the fleet into the sun. Uh, why? (and when did hybrid-man become communicative enough to do the right stuff anyway?)

Let the centurions fly away and hope they don't come crush our nascent defenseless civilization on a whim. It's self-parody really.

Head 6 and Head Gaius give us 30 seconds of dialog about god who hates that name. Deus ex Machina baby, you got plot holes? We've got deities! I could have gone to church if I wanted that.

Cavil shoots himself when the jig is up? Actually, I applaud that move, I thought it fit his character perfectly; we learned in an earlier episode that he really dreads the slow process of death and he's a sharp guy who knows the score. Yay writers. Except... it was actually Dean Stockwell's idea. Lol!

They did tease us with the "Plan" one-off and the Caprica miniseries where presumably we'll learn more about whatever comes to the top of Moore and Eick's heads next time around.

so much potential, wasted.
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