bryguy (bryguypgh) wrote,


Go Steelers. It's like "May the Force be with you" or "God bless" or any other religious invocation that can be used in place of a standard greeting. Being a Steelers fan is not a choice for me; I was raised a Steeler fan and my formative years were the heyday of the 70's Steelers dominance. I've never wanted to stray and while I don't always show up for services (indeed I only watched a couple games this year), Black and Gold is my religion and I associate strongly with my tribe.

How are those other religions working out? Kurt Warner tried the whole Jesus thing and it didn't really work out.

The game was very exciting. I kind of agree with John Madden that James Harrison shoving the Cardinals player when he was down was uncalled for, and it's too bad that image sticks with me rather than his historic 100 yard interception return or Santonio's ballerina catches.

Best stat of the game though: 1 safety! That's got to make some unlikely football pool winners. I guess you could get to 23 with a field goal, 3 touchdowns and one missed PAT though so maybe it's not that uncommon.

I'm a little surprised we only beat them 33-27 on time of possession since their entire offense was basically quick passing drives. I guess we don't have the running game we used to have.

Ah well, as I drove home from my sister's place last night people were outside of their houses dancing, people were waving terrible towels out of their windows honking, and there was generally just a festival atmosphere in the whole city and it's hard not to smile when you see people so happy. Go Steelers!
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