bryguy (bryguypgh) wrote,

Feeling incredibly blah this afternoon, probably my pasta lunch trying to put me to sleep. I did an online hearing test earlier, turns out I can hear 12khz clearly but not 16khz. Our stove emits a high pitched whine when the burners are on full that I can barely hear but the women in the house (and presumably the kittens) can hear all too well.

Tough to stay motivated with the exercising in the winter months but I've fired up ddr a few times in the past week when the weather outside was frightful. Max 300 on standard from ddr max2 is out of reach now, I remember barely being able to do it at one point but that may just be wishful thinking.

Went to Erie yesterday to celebrate my Sister's birthday, and had a nice meal with the family. Making that trip again in 2 weeks. It's funny how on a very long drive of 6+ hours you sort of resign yourself to the fact that the end is nowhere in sight but on the 2 hour trek to and from Erie, it's so short that you expect it to be over right away but it still takes the full two hours.
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