March 22nd, 2016


Workout 3/22


I lifted some other stuff but who cares. This is about 12 lbs. more than my previous best so it's significant. Now I can go back to cutting for a while, this was the accomplishment I really wanted out of my carb vacation.

My big 3 lifts now are 364, 300, 225 for a total of 889. If I can squeeze 11 lbs more in there somewhere I'll hit 900, which is a nice milestone on my way to the 1000 lb club. I haven't tried to max out bench for a while, I'd bet I can get 235 with a few weeks ramp up, maybe more. 236 would do it. Then I'll be shooting for 405/355/240 or something like that. I'm more than halfway there I think counting from my untrained first failures (270/195/165 respectively). Best starting point I have even though those were 1x5 failures rather than 1x1.

Oh yeah, body weight 194 today. Ive been doing some stepmania on off days to burn off some of these carbs. Also haven't been taking the creatine in hopes of looking slimmer, doesn't seem to have affected my performance much and I think I lose all the waterwhen I eat keto anyway and get enough creatine from meat that it doesn't matter.

This deadlift was really hard, so much so that I actually had to rest my hands on my knees and catch my breath for a second after finishing. I've only come close to that level of effort a few times. My form wasn't perfect but for a max-effort lifit wasn't terrible either, my back didn't round to help the lift (although it didn't start perfectly straight) and I got a solid lockout at the top.