November 10th, 2008



Only a few days until I leave with the radiant sonbanon for our long-delayed honeymoon. It will be a week packed with no cell phones, no web sites, no video games (not even World of Warcraft!) and no work. Just a week with my wife on a cruise ship and zero obligations.

We planned a few excursions for early in the week, one to look at some Mayan ruins and another to go 2-seater parasailing. We left the later half of the week open in case there were other excursions we would learn about from staff or other passengers that seem appealing.

I am bringing enough books with me that I could spend the entire cruise relaxing on the deck with some fruity umbrella drink just lounging, but I predict I'll barely finish the new Neal Stephenson one and not touch the others. There's also apparently lots of stuff to do on the ship at any time. Eating, drinking, gambling, swimming, etc.

Plus of course, we got ourselves a nice little cabin in which to spend some quality time. Maybe I won't even finish the Stephenson now that I think about it.

We have been talking about the possibility of jogging on the track to keep ourselves from losing all our hard-earned exercise progress, but it is vacation after all so we'll see how our good intentions translate.

We bought a new camera just for this trip, so if we do manage to venture out of our cabin long enough we'll be sure to share some photos with you upon our return to civilization.

Wish us bon voyage! We set sail this Saturday.